Join 400+ business leaders from the corporate venturing and wider high growth business ecosystem for Global Corporate Venturing’s 10th annual Symposium. Taking place at London’s County Hall on 3-4 June, with a reception at the House of Commons, this year’s event will develop the industry’s ‘2020 Vision’ – a chance to look at how venture has grown and professionalised through corporate venture capital (CVC) over the past decade and what might come in the next one.

It has been clear that companies that use CVC as part of a broader innovation strategy have outperformed peers in terms of strategic and financial performance, and this is increasingly been recognised by stockmarkets. The question for this decade is once the strategy becomes widely known and available, corporate venturing goes from being a competitive advantage to have to a necessity to avoid being left behind and the emphasis shifts to better performance and effectiveness to show relative gains.

In this decade, therefore, the professionalism and operations against benchmarks through better training becomes vital and our 10th anniversary Symposium, co-chaired by David Gilmour from BP Ventures and Jacqueline Lesage Krause from Munich Re Ventures, will celebrate the leaders who have taken the industry to unprecedented heights and positioned innovation capital as the opportunity to make the world a better place.

  • Compelling & Informative Conference Agenda
  • Top Speakers
  • GCV’s Signature ‘Unpanels’
  • One-to-One Networking
  • GCV’s revered Gala Awards Dinner
  • The 2020 GCV Powerlist of the Top 100 Industry Leaders

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