GPW Ventures, a corporate venturing subsidiary of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and Poland’s National Centre for Agricultural Support (KOWR) have agreed to work together to support innovation in food and agricultural industries, renewable energy sources in agriculture, and rural areas.

GPW Ventures will set up and run an investment fund dedicated to KOWR, which will be the sole investor. The KOWR Ventures Fund will manage PLN25m ($6.56m) initially.

Marek Dietl, CEO of GPW (pictured), said: “We have established GPW Ventures to improve access of micro-firms, small and mid-sized companies [SMEs] to funding through VC funds. We expect that GPW Ventures will attract SME issuers to the exchange’s [GPW Main Market or NewConnect].

“The partnership with KOWR will help those companies which offer solutions for agriculture to go public. The Polish food and agricultural industry has recently become a major global player.”