Venturing Activity

American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact’s mission is to close equity gaps in America. They invest in visionary entrepreneurs who are building scalable social enterprises and use world-class talent and resources to amplify their impact.

Venturing Strategy

The Team

 Peter Gunder, Executive Sponsor, Chief Business Development Officer at American Family Insurance. Gunder is passionate about helping American Family’s customers and our communities. He holds 40+ years in various finance, investments, and executive leadership roles and an MBA from University of Chicago, B.S. from Stanford University, CFA charter holder

 Nyra Jordan, Social Impact Investment Director, Economic Opportunities for All, Leader of American Family’s Corporate Responsbility program. Jordan advances equitable opportunities for historically marginalized populations. She has 20+ years in various leadership roles across American Family Insurance, and holds an M.A. from Edgewood College, M.S. from Valdosta State University, B.A. from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

 Shayna Hetzel, Social Impact Investment Director, Learning and Academic Achievement, Leader of purpose-driven, transformational change in organizations and systems. Shayna believes in equity and transparency, especially when it comes to academic environments. She has 10+ years across a public research university, public service with state government and American Family Insurance and an MPA, B.A. and Certificates from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

 Dr. Joy Ippolito, Social Impact Investment Director, Healthy Youth Development, Executive Policy Advisor with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Ippolito is a social innovator and a champion of vulnerable youth who live in our communities. She hols 18+ years as an education researcher, professor, clinician, and policymaker, along with a Ph.D. and Ed.M. from Harvard University, M.S. from University of Chicago, B.A. from Loyola University

John McIntyre, Social Impact Investment Director, Resilient Communities, Managing Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator, VP of Kauffman Fellows Network. McIntyre’s passion is working directly with entrepreneurs to solve society’s toughest problems. He has 25+ years as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and business executive in Silicon Valley and around the world, and is a Kauffman Fellow with a B.S. from Marquette University.

 Jay Patel, Social Impact Investment Director Fund Manager, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Founding Curator. Patel refuses to believe business and policy can’t work in harmony to create a better world for all. He has 9+ years across venture capital, private equity, strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation and economic policy and an MPA from London School of Economics, M.S. from University of Notre Dame, B.S. from Indiana University.

 Sharon Neylon, Social Impact Community Manager, Outreach Manager for Madison School and Community Recreation team. Neylon brings diverse groups in a community together to achieve common goals. She has 35+ years as a creator of community-based events, programs and partnerships, and holds an M.S. from Cardinal Stritch University, and B.S. from University of Oregon.

 Jenna Borowski, Social Impact Community Manager, Innovation Fellow with the Commons, Loaned Executive with United Way. Borowski is an agent of change in the Milwaukee community, her coursework focused on Corporate Communications and Social Welfare and Justice and she holds a B.A. from Marquette University and South Africa Service Learning Program.

 Adam Schrager, Social Impact Storyteller. Schrager is able to find the extraordinary in those who describe themselves as ordinary, with 25+ years as an investigative reporter, anchor, producer, author and college professor, he has received nearly 30 Emmy Awards and his books have received positive reviews from The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and NPR. He holds an MSJ from Northwestern University & B.A. from University of Michigan.