BP Ventures, the venture capital arm of BP plc, was set up over 10 years ago to identify and invest in private, high growth, game-changing technology companies across the entire energy spectrum.

Venturing Activity

BP Ventures is set up to grow new energy businesses in the upstream, downstream, alternative energy and in five new areas: Advanced mobility; Power and storage; Carbon management; Bio and low carbon products; Digital transformation.

Venturing plays a key role in BP’s strategy to tackle the dual challenge of meeting the world’s need for more energy, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions.

BP Ventures has invested $500 million dollars in more than 40 companies with technologies and innovations that will materially impact BP and global energy systems

Venturing Strategy

Portfolio Companies & Deals

 Voltaware Founded in 2014, developed an internet-enabled energy monitoring device that allows business and residential users to track and optimize their energy consumption. Also gives businesses the chance to proactively track the performance of individual machinery, so allowing them to run their businesses more efficiently.  €1.7 million invested by BP Ventures

 Synthetic Genomic Create genomic-driven commercial solutions to meet the growing demand for critical resources such as energy, clean water, food and medicine.

  Fulcrum Energy Creates biogas jet fuel by gasification of household wastes. BP took a stake in the business and signed a contract for fuel supply.

The Team

Nacho Gimenez, Managing Director BP Ventures – Europe & Middle East. Gimenez has extensive experience in BP’s integrated supply and trading arm, monetising new oil and refined oil product trading opportunities. He holds a MSc in chemical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, an MBA from UNED in Madrid and has studied corporate finance at London Business School.

Sandra Eager, Principal, BP Ventures. Eager holds more than 17 years working in solar, wind and water and covers the Alternative Energy and Emerging and Disruptive Technologies sectors for the ventures team. She holds a PhD in chemical engineering, and sits on the boards of Saltworks Technologies and Drover.