Royal DSM Venturing has started in 2001 as the outside-in arm of our open innovation approach, has invested in more than fifty emerging innovative companies in the US, Europe and Israel. Since 2013, it has further expanded its mission to 2020, focusing on nutrition, materials, and energy in disruptive innovation by entrepreneurs in line with societal needs.

Venturing Activity

DSM Venturing’s mission is to explore emerging markets and technologies in the strategic growth fields in order to enhance DSM product portfolio and create value.

DSM Venturing also plays an active role in the development of several new DSM business opportunities in the so-called emerging business areas Biomedical, Industrial (White) Biotechnology, Specialty Packaging and Personalized Nutrition.

Their portfolio consists of 25 active investment companies and DSM reviews over 500 candidates every year.

Portfolio Companies & Deals

 Adaptive3D is the premium additive manufacturing polymer resin supplier. We partner with global leaders to deliver solutions for functional end use products and prototypes.

 NOMADD has developed a low-cost waterless automated solar panel cleaning mechanism, which significantly reduces yield losses due to dust.

 ATRO Medical has developed an anatomically shaped meniscal implant, which reduces pain, increases mobility and the patient’s quality of life.

Isobionics is a biotechnology company active in the area of environmentally-friendly isoprenoids based flavour and fragrance ingredients for the flavor & fragrance, agrochemical and pharmaceutical markets.

The Team

Pieter Wolters, Managing Director, DSM Venturing, & CEO and co-founder of several startups

Rob Beudeker, Senior Investment Director, MBA, DSM Business Unit Director

Luda Kopeikina, Senior Investment Director, Consultant

Greg McParland, Senior Investment Director, Biotech entrepreneur

The team based in northern California and Boston in the US, and in the Netherlands in Europe.