Tin Shed VenturesPatagonia’s venture capital fund, established in 2013, invests in socially and environmentally responsible start-ups.

Venturing Activity

Tin Shed Ventures’ Fund was initially named ‘$20 Million & Change’ however the fund has now far surpassed the $20m mark.

Tin Shed typically invests in Seed or Series A rounds, but will invest in later rounds when there’s an obvious fit with business and other prior investors. The sweet spot for a typical investment is $500k, reserving additional capital for later rounds.

Tin Shed’s long-term investment approach has strong focus on transparency, sharing innovations invested in with other businesses, including competitors. Their evergreen fund structure with no set hold period for portfolio companies does not seek board seats or go in with an exit strategy.

Venturing Strategy

Portfolio Companies

A meat company like no other, Wild Idea Buffalo raises buffalo using a model that improves the ecosystem of the Great Plains, restoring grasslands while improving the lives of their animals.

 TERSUS Solutions use liquid carbon dioxide in place of water to manufacture and clean technical textiles, avoiding harsh chemicals while also cutting down on water use and energy consumption.

Along coast of South America Bureo works with local fishermen to convert discarded fishnets into consumer products including skateboard decks.

 Yerdle creates and operates reuse e-commerce platforms for large apparel brands including Patagonia Worn Wear.

California Safe Soil provides a unique full cycle process collecting food waste from supermarkets to develop into organic liquid fertilizer.

The Tin Shed Ventures Team

Phil Graves, Senior Director of Corporate Development (including Worn Wear) and Managing Director of Tin Shed Ventures since February 2014. Graves was formerly Senior Manager at Deloitte.

 Alex Kremer, Corporate Development & Investment Principal. Kremer joined Tin shed after pursuing an MBA at Tuck, and was previously a Summer Associate at DBL Partners.

 Jordan Chatman, Worn Wear Associate, Tin Shed Ventures, since Nov 2018. Chatman had interned at Patagonia, having previously Greening Youth Foundation.

 Liliana Bettolo, Corporate Development Analyst, Tin Shed Ventures, and former intern on the corporate development team in the summer of 2018.